Dear cat people,

As a team we are crazy about our pets! So, we created WufWuf dog subscription boxes. Thanks to our lovely subscribers we are the number one dog subscription company in the UK! We have been working hard to make all the dogs happy. Our family has quickly expanded and we have conquered the hearts and minds of many dogs and their owners! During this time, the cats in our family started to complain because they didn't have a box of their own. Some of them even jumped in the WufWuf boxes and claimed all the toys. There was only one solution to this injustice and matters were taken into their own paws. They started to plan MyMeow cat subscription boxes, full of purrfect goodies for them. They even designed the box with a scratch pad, right underneath the goodies. As you can imagine, our cat team is full of new ideas and they can’t wait to show them to you! As their loyal servants, we are doing everything to make them happy. We have worked hard to prepare the pawsome MyMeow boxes they truly deserve!

Each month your MyMeow box will surprise you with a different meowelous theme. Safe and healthy toys and treats will provide the enrichment they need. Our cats are the innovators of the scratch padded boxes. This will keep our furniture safe from their scratches too, but they don’t really need to know that, right? MyMeow will make your furbaby happy and you will be the hero!

Welcome to the family.